Aquarium Cleaning Services in Dallas, TX

Algae Removal

When it comes to aquarium cleaning, algae removal is a must at the time of the aquarium service.  However, what good does it do if the algae grows back within a few days after the routine service call?  When we clean your aquarium, we take the steps needed to starve the algae of the impurities that fuel it so it stays gone longer.  It is common for the aquariums we maintain to not even look like they need a cleaning at the time of service!

Glass Polishing

Many household chemicals and cleaning agents used commonly in households are toxic and find their way into the water column.  The result is a total loss due to the ammonia in these agents.  Our glass and surface cleaners are ammonia free leaving no residue but instead a glossy reflection that is safe for all inhabitants.


Furniture Detail

We take your aquarium cleaning the extra mile by doing one last detail to your cabinets and furniture.  Using non-aerosol lemon oil for your surfaces helps to preserve and protect the very structure of what supports your unique display of underwater art.  It's the finishing touch that allows us to say "tah-dah!"