No Upfront Cost!

Join our aquarium leasing program and we'll bite the bullet for you.  For a little more per month than a routine service call, we can bring a turn-key system to your home or office and you keep cash in your pocket.  Routine cleanings, fish, even food is included for one flat monthly rate!

Fish Are Guaranteed!

With a lease, you simply pay your monthly bill and enjoy peace of mind. No surprises.  No hidden costs.  Even if a fish passes away, just call us and we will bring you a replacement ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

Custom Stained Furniture

Have a certain stain you would like for us to match?  No problem.  Upon your consultation, we can take a sample of your current woodwork and trim-outs or simply choose from a wide selection of our swabs to match your furniture.

58 Gallon Lease

(36" x 18" x 21")

90 Gallon Lease

 (48" x 18" x 24")

135 Gallon Lease

 (72" x 18" x 24")