Water Changing


"If you start with something clean, it takes longer to get dirty".  All of our water changes are performed with RODI purified water that has been correctly balanced to ensure a smooth transition without disrupting your aquarium's water column stability.

Saltwater Mixing


Using a reputable salt and mixing compounds properly during an aquarium service is imperative for long term success in any marine aquarium.  We use nothing but the best ingredients when preparing our saltwater and take the right steps to ensure all batches are mixed and aerated to perfection.

Water Testing


Since many water parameter imbalances can happen slowly, we take a deeper look at what your aquarium is doing over a long period of time.  This includes logging several readings throughout the years, and adjusting as necessary to steer your aquarium safely down the road.

Equipment & Filter Inspection


Keeping filters clean and pumps lubricated is a must to prevent your aquarium from an unwanted disaster.  Our professionals go through a detailed checklist "under the hood" to verify that everything is up to par mechanically and running smooth.

Plant & Ornament Rotation


Tired of the same old scenery?  For aquariums with ornamental corals, rocks & plants we offer a rotation program at no additional cost to keep things interesting and scenery looking sharp and vibrant!

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Fish & Live Coral Delivery


No need to hassle with the aquarium store ever again.  All of our fish, inverts & corals are hand selected from our wholesalers and farms and brought straight to your door.  Let us compose a masterpiece of carefully selected fish for your aquarium... you'll agree we have excellent taste!